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Session 12 - "What was it like growing up Armenian in ..."


The 12th in the series - What was it like growing up Armenian in ... was held on Sunday  July 21, 2019 at the Merriam Park Library. Presenters for this session were Mark Wiersbeck and his Mother Sarah Wiersbeck. Nairy moderated the session which was attended by 15 people. After an informative and interesting formal presentation, there was a short Q&A session followed by refreshments.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 20:38

ACOM Annual Picnic - 2019

The ACOM Annual Picnic

was held Sunday June 23, 2019. The picnic was again held at Como Park in the West pavilion. a needed shelter from the rain that happened soon after the start time for the festivities. This rain did not dampen the spirits of the more than 30 people who attended. We even were resourceful (aren't all Armenians?) and were able to grill in the rain. Good food and fellowship reigned for the day!!!

Armenian Diaspora Map for 2019 Commemoration Edt1ACOM's Genocide Commemoration was held on April 24th 2019 at the Merriam Park Library in St. Paul. The event included a moderated panel of Armenians that were descendents of Genocide survivors. Tom Keljik moderated the discussion. The event started off with the attendees being asked to locate on a map where their ancestors were from in Historic Armenia.

Armenians were present at this years Festival of Nations with the Armenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota (ACOM) presenting Dance on the World Stage (see Dance Ensemble) and in the demonstration area of the Bazaar. Janet Rith-Najarian brought the arts and crafts of Armenia to life with her engaging demonstration of felting and Hat making this year. Her [resentations have grown over the years from beginning as Silk Work artistry, then to incorporate wool fabric making and natural dyeing techniques, and now to felting and hatmaking. She has put together an impressive and colorful exhibit explaining the rich heritage that Armenians bring to the world. Browse through the picture gallery for examples of this years booth and the people involved. 

Enjoy the first of, hopefully, many Oral Histories from members of the local Armenian community. This interview of Dr. John Najarian was conducted by Francis Bulbulian on July 21st, 2018. Also present were Mignette Najarian and Dr. Paul Quie. Held at Boutwells Landing Senior Center, Oak Park, MN

Click on the Link to go to the video.

On March 24th, ACOM presented the 11th session in the series "What was it like growing up  Armenian in ....". The panelists for this session were; Darla Kashian (Milwaukee,WI), Marty Meketarian (Cleveland, OH) and Margarita Aroutiunian (Yerevan, Armenia)

Saturday, 12 January 2019 17:52

ACOM Gaghant Party 2019

ACOM's annual Gaghant Party was again held at Midpointe Event Center - on Friday January 11, 2019. Over 100 people were registered and provided with dinner catered by Mim's Restaurant, a Silent Auction, a Kids Game room, and dancing to Music Mundial. 


ACOM presented the first in a new series of interesting and informative panel sessions, at the Merriam Park Library on September 30th 2018. The new series is entitled "What is it like being married to an Armenian" and was moderated by John Parker der-Boghossian. Topics covered by the panelists during the session dealt with - how long married, the panelists own ethnicity and experience in it, prior knowlege of Armenia and Armenians, involvement in the Armenian community since becoming married, what new things have they learned about Armenians, what are their likes (and dislikes,If any) of "Armenian ways". The following article by Bradley Erickson gives a capsule take on the session:

Saturday, 27 October 2018 14:42

Voski Ashoun 2018

Voski Ashoun - 2018

was held at Keljik's Oriental Rug Store this year. The featured presenter was Dr. Charles Hajinian who gave a presentation on Urartian and Pre-Urartian Antiquities.

Monday, 13 August 2018 13:35

ACOM Cinema Saturday for August 2018

ACOM Cinema Saturday in August featured parts 3 and 4 of the Russian produced TV comedy - My Big Armenian Wedding.

Tigran, a popular plastic surgeon in Moscow with roots in Armenia, and Lena, a well-educated and beautiful Russian woman, are in love. Families on both sides are mostly against the prospect of a "mixed marriage" and therefore devise various schemes to derail the impending engagement. Absurd and delightful situations develop. Comments on the series were, in general, positive. Although it was a bit over-the-top in some aspects, the filming taking place in Armenia was particularily interesting. Many familiar sights were presented. The major characters portrayed for the Armenian family were said to be quite accurate especially the Grandmother. The series got off to a slow start but as the plot developed it became more interesting and funny. Since the production was Russian, the dialog was mostly in Russian with some Armenian thrown in. The series was subtitled in English for those of us who are not conversant with either Armenian or Russian.

Thanks to Natasha Vaubel for her knowledge and diligence in rounding up these Armenian films.

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A documentary film that is an ethnographic collage composed of stories and songs of various Armenian communities formed after the emigrations from Western to Eastern Armenia. Directed by: Christina Soloyan, Davit Avetisyan.




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