Armenian Dance Ensemble of Minnesota

Director and Choreographer - Naïry Digris

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In 1990, under the auspices of ACOM, the Armenian Dance Ensemble of Minnesota (ADE) was formed. This group has evolved into a strong, self-sufficient and organized entity over the years. As a non-profit, inter-generational performing group, the mission of the ADE is to preserve the traditional folk dances as they were done in various regions of historic Armenia, thereby enhancing community awareness of the Armenian heritage, culture and history. Weekly rehearsals are held. An invitation is extended to anyone who is interested in this aspect of the Armenian culture. Armenians and "odars" are welcome to participate. If you have questions, contact Naïry by using the form on the right. 

ADE at Minnesota State Fair 2022

Saturday, December 24th, 2022

The Armenian Dance Ensemble performed at the Minnesota State Fair on two days during the fair. We danced on the Cosgrove Stage and had very enthusiastic audiences for both of our performance days.

ADE at Centennial Lakes - August 2022

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022

On a clear early August evening, the Armenian Dance Enseble again performed at the Centennial Lakes Amphitheater in Edina. We had a good crowd and they seemed to thouroughly enjoy the performance. We were able to get a large number of people up after the formal dance set to do a simple Armenian dance. 

Link to a video of the performance - Click Here

We received the email below from our contact at Centennial Lakes.

As we wrap up our summer concert season at Centennial Lakes Park, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your amazing performance in August. We got lots of positive comments from audience members for multiple days after your performance!

Many thanks to all the members of the Ensemble for representing Armenian music and dance for our community in the Twin Cities.

ADE at Minnesota State Fair 2022

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

ADE was, again, invited to perform at the Minnesota State Fair this year (2022). We had the opportunity to present Armenian dances during two performances each day on Sunday and Monday (8/28 & 8/29). We had good audiences and the weather was reasonable (although very windy for the Monday performances). The group enjoys performing at the fair and we all had a great time.


If you would like to see our perfromances, Click Here to go to a video.

ADE at Minnesota State Fair 2021

Monday, September 6th, 2021

Hooray!! The State Fair returned and with it the Armenain Dance Ensemble. ADE was invited to perform on the Cosgrove Stage (in front of the Education Building) on two separate days during the run of the Fair. We had performances at 1PM and 2:30PM on Sunday the 29th of August and on Thursday September 2nd. We had good audiences for all the performances and the group did an outstanding job at presenting Armenian Dance and Culture to the Fairgoers that watched. ADE members had a great time doing our sets of dances and a big thanks to the State Fair for inviting us.

ADE at Festival of Nations 2019

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

ADE at FON 2019 2The Armenian Dance Ensemble was once again at the annual Festival of Nations this year. They presented three dances:  Jojan, a spirited dance with some duet pieces included; Dzaghgadz Baleni (Blossoming Cherry) with the women in the group in their newest costumes; Top Shourma, a dance adapted from a recreational dance choreography of Tom Bozigian. 


For a video of the dances we did on the World Stage, click here.

ADE at Festival of Nations 2018

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

 Members of ADE at FON Preview

ADE at FON Preview


The Armenian Dance Ensemble represented Armenia at the 2018 International Institute's Festival of Nations.

The schedule below shows the dates and times we performed.



 2018 Festival of Nations Dance Schedule

Thursday May 3       11:00    1st Group World Stage Student
Thursday May 3         1:00    1st Group World Stage Student

Friday May 4            11:00    7th Group World Stage Student
Friday May 4              1:00    7th Group World Stage Student

Friday May 4              6:00    2nd Group World Stage
Friday May 4              8:00    1st Group World Stage
Friday May 4              8:00    6th Group Learn-a-dance World Stage

Saturday May 5          3:00    1st Group World Stage
Saturday May 5          5:00    Atrium

Sunday May 6            4:00    4th Group World Stage

Community Performances

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Armenian Dance Ensemble of Minnesota - Community Performances are ongoing throughout the year. The Ensemble performs at community events in schools, churches, parks, and social events/festivals. The Ensemble also performs at many senior living, assisted living and nursing homes around the Twin Cities. During their performances informational and educational aspects about Armenia are incorporated as well as the music and dance which is the main show. The image gallery that is attached shows some of the many aspects of this community outreach.

Festival of Nations

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

The Armenian Dance Ensemble presents dances from Armenia at the Annual Festival of Nations. The group performs multiple times over the three days (Friday-Sunday) to enthusiastic audiences both for Student day on Friday and for the General Public. The group has a repertoire of over fortyt various choreographies representing both current day Armenian dance as well as Armenian dances from the historic regions of Armenia. Thanks go out to all Ensemble members who give willingly of their time and talents to make our performances memorable. Included in this article is a video sampler of the Dance Groups various choreographies and perfromance venues. Enjoy.



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